Saturday, December 19, 2009

Arctic Adventures: Tales from the Lives of Inuit Artists by Raquel Rivera and Jirina Marton

Stories from the lives of four Inuit artists are followed by short biographies and a reproduction of one of their works of art. Pudlo Pudlat (Cape Dorset) tells of the time the sea ice on which his iglu was built broke away into the sea overnight. Kenojuak Ashevak (Cape Dorset) once saw Sedna, the goddess of the sea, when she was a child. Jessie Oonark (Baker Lake) nearly starved to death before being rescued. Lazarusie Ishulutak (Pangnirtung) describes a close encounter with a polar bear.

Jirina Marton's artwork illustrates the stories nicely. The main audience is probably Grade 3-6, but older readers - even adults - who have an interest in art and in life in the far north will enjoy this book too. See also The Shaman's Nephew (Simon Tookoome and Sheldon Oberman); The Curse of the Shaman (Michael Kusugak); Celebrating Inuit Art (James Houston) and Stones, Bones and Stitches (Shelley Falconer).

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