Saturday, April 30, 2022

April 2022 Reading Stats and Booktube Links

Best of April:

Best Book OverallHumankind: A Hopeful History by Rutger Bregman, translation by Erica Moore and Elizabeth Manton; audiobook read by Thomas Judd

Best Canadian Book: Shadow Life by Hiromi Goto and Ann Xu (LGBTQ; graphic novel)

Best Graphic Novel: Stone Fruit by Lee Lai (LGBTQ; lives in Canada)

Best Graphic Nonfiction: Welcome to the New World by Jake Halpern and Michael Sloan

Best Fiction in Translation: Dog Park by Sofi Oksanen, translation by Owen Frederick Witesman

Best Audiobook: The Candy House by Jennifer Egan, read by a full cast

Best Speculative Fiction: Light from Uncommon Stars by Ryka Aoki, audiobook read by Xe Sands (LGBTQ)

Best Short Stories: Gordo by Jaime Cortez (LGBTQ)

Best Mystery: What's the Matter with Mary Jane? by Candas Jane Dorsey (LGBTQ; Canadian)

Best Nonfiction: Stolen Focus: Why You Can't Pay Attention and How to Think Deeply Again by Johann Hari, audiobook read by the author (LGBTQ)

Best Essays: People Love Dead Jews by Dara Horn, audiobook read by the author

Best Picture Book Overall: The Balcony by Melissa Castrillon

Best Picture Book in Translation: Duck, Death and the Tulip by Wolf Erlbruch

Best LGBTQ Picture Book: Love, Violet by Charlotte Sullivan Wild and Charlene Chua

Best Art Book: Original Sisters: Portraits of Tenacity and Courage by Anita Kunz (Canadian)


Friday Reads April 1

International Children's Book Day - Julie Flett Spotlight

Shawn and Lindy's Excellent Read-Aloud Adventure

LGBTQ Picture Books

Friday Reads April 8

More Picture Books!

Picture This Book Tag

Friday Reads April 15

Retro Graphic Design in Picture Books

Cookbook Review: The Flavor Equation

Friday Reads April 22

Tough Topics in Children's Picture Books

Wordless Picture Books

Friday Reads April 29

These are the three books I started but gave up on in April:

March 2022 Reading Stats and Booktube Links

Best of March:

Overall Best Book: The Books of Jacob by Olga Tokarczuk, translation by Jennifer Croft, audiobook read by Allen Lewis Rickman and Gilli Messer

Best Short Story, audio format: Recitatif by Toni Morrison, introduction by Zadie Smith, audiobook read by Zadie Smith and Bahni Turpin

Best Short Stories: Afterparties by Anthony Veasna So (LGBTQ)

Best Nonfiction: The Treeline: The Last Forest and the Future of Life on Earth by Ben Rawlence, audiobook read by Jamie Parker

Best Youth Nonfiction: All Thirteen: The Incredible Cave Rescue of the Thai Boys Soccer Team by Christina Soontornvat

Best Middle Grade Fiction: Robber Girl by Franny Billingsley

Best Picture Book Overall: Dreamers by Yuyi Morales

Best Picture Book in Translation: Moon Pops by Heena Baek, translation by Jieun Kiaer

Best Graphic Nonfiction: Grass by Keum Suk Gentry-Kim, translated by Janet Hong

Best Graphic Novel: Descender, Volume 2: Machine Moon by Jeff Lemire and Dustin Nguyen

Best YA: Heartstopper, Volume 4 by Alice Oseman (LGBTQ; graphic novel) 

Best Mystery: Elena Knows by Claudia Pineiro, translation by Frances Riddle

Best Cookbook: The Korean Vegan: Reflections and Recipes from Omma's Kitchen by Joanne Lee Molinaro

Best Survival Story: Cove by Cynan Jones

Best Speculative Fiction: Migration by Charlotte McConaghy

Monday, February 28, 2022

February 2022 Reading Stats and Booktube Video Links

Best of February:

Overall Best Book: Unspeakable: The Tulsa Race Massacre by Carole Boston Weatherford and Floyd Cooper (Picture Book)

Best Poetry: The Gospel of Breaking by Jillian Christmas (Canadian; LGBTQ)

Best Literary Fiction: Burntcoat by Sarah Hall

Best Graphic Novel Series: Descender Vol 1: Tin Stars by Jeff Lemire and Dustin Nguyen (Canadian)

Best Essays: 12 Bytes: How We Got Here. Where We Might Go Next by Jeanette Winterson (LGBTQ)

Best Indigenous Fiction: Home Waltz by GA Grisenthwaite (Canadian)

Best Indigenous Graphic Novel: Borders by Thomas King and Natasha Donovan (Canadian)

Best Indigenous YA: The Firekeeper's Daughter by Angeline Boulley, audiobook read by Isabella Star LaBlanc

Best LGBTQ Memoir: Lost and Found by Kathryn Schulz, audiobook read by the author

Best Fiction Audiobook: The Final Revival of Opal and Nev by Dawnie Walton, read by a full cast

Best Nonfiction Audiobook: Orwell's Roses by Rebecca Solnit, read by the author

Best Canadian Nonfiction: Border and Rule: Global Migration, Capitalism and the Rise of Racist Nationalism by Harsha Walia, audiobook read by Cindy Kay 

Best Graphic Nonfiction: The Black Panther Party by David F Walker and Marcus Kwame Anderson

Best Canadian Graphic Novel: Fictional Father by Joe Ollman 

Best Disability Own Voices: The Words In My Hands by Asphyxia (Deaf; LGBTQ)

Best Call to Action: What White People Can Do Next: From Allyship to Coalition by Emma Dabiri, audiobook read by the author

Best Reread: Exit Wounds by Rutu Modan, translation by Noah Stollman (graphic novel)

Best Picture Books (3-way tie): The Rock from the Sky by Jon Klassen (Canadian); The Big Bath House by Kyo Maclear and Gracey Zhang (Canadian); Watercress by Andrea Wang and Jason Chin

Best LGBTQ PictureBook (French language): Anatole qui ne sechait jamais par Stephane Boulay et Agathe Bray-Bourret

My booktube videos this month:

Sunday, February 27, 2022

January 2022 Reading Stats

I didn't manage a round-up post in January (mostly due to ongoing vision and other concussion-related problems), but here are my stats for future me to look back upon.

Best Books:

Overall Best Book: People Change by Vivek Shraya (LGBTQ; Canadian)

Best Poetry: Iron Goddess of Mercy by Larissa Lai (LGBTQ; Canadian)

Best Full Cast Audiobook: How Beautiful We Were by Imbolo Mbue, read by Prentice Onayemi, Janina Edwards, Dion Graham, JD Jackson, Allyson Johnson, and Lisa Renee Pitts 

Best Audiobook Fiction: Intimacies by Katie Kitamura, read by Traci Kato-Kiriyama

Best Nonfiction: The Edge of the Sea by Rachel Carson, audiobook read by Kaiulani Lee (LGBTQ)

Best Youth Nonfiction: The Girl Who Drew Butterflies: How Maria Merian's Art Changed Science by Joyce Sidman

I started a Booktube channel at the very end of December, 2021. Here are my Friday Reads videos from each of the four weeks of January, in which I talk about all of the books that I read each week:

Saturday, January 1, 2022

Reading Pie Charts 2021

According to Goodreads, I read 424 books in 2021, totalling 102,946 pages. Divided by 365 days, that looks like about 282 pages each day.

It's the time of year when I look back on my reading in order to better understand myself. What have I been feeding into my brain? This means... pie charts! Since I keep monthly stats, the yearly ones are easy to compile. 

My reading intentions tend to remain constant: to read widely, and to give priority to authors who are queer/Indigenous/nonWhite/Canadian/women. I will leave analysis for when my concussion is healed, but meanwhile, here they are. 

Friday, December 31, 2021

December 2021 Reading Round-Up

This will be more brief than my usual monthly wrap-up because I'm healing from a concussion and can't spend much time reading or looking at screens. It's day 23 and I am improving steadily. Audiobooks have been a blessing, and also loved ones who have read aloud to me. Here's a list of my highlights from December (in no particular order):

Talking to Canadians by Rick Mercer

The Lion's Den by Anthony Marra

This Is Your Brain on Stereotypes by Tanya Lloyd Kyi and Drew Shannon

The Sentence by Louise Erdrich

State of Terror by Hillary Rodham Clinton and Louise Penny

Starbird by Sharon King-Chai

1000 Years of Joys and Sorrows: A Memoir by Ai Weiwei, translated by Allan H Barr

The Beatryce Prophecy by Kate DiCamillo

Dorie's Cookies by Dorie Greenspan
(Note: I read most of this cookbook in November, and I tried out about 9 or 10 recipes. Yummy!)

Friday, December 24, 2021

Reading Women Challenge

I broke my wrist and bonked my head hard enough to injure my brain, all of which means that I haven't been able to do much reading in December. I did make a video looking back on 2021, however. It's on my friend Shawn's booktube channel. I think i have figured out how to embed it here on my blog. The list of titles I spoke about is below.

The Reading Women Challenge (follow this link for more info about the challenge)

Longlisted for JCB Prize:

Latitudes of Longing by Shubhangi Swarup

The Far Field by Madhuri Vijay

Author from Eastern Europe:

In Memory of Memory by Maria Stepanova (translation by Sasha Dugdale)

Voices from Chernobyl: The Oral History of a Nuclear Disaster by Svetlana Alexievich (translation by Keith Gessen and Alma Lapinskiene):

About Incarceration:

The Strangers by Katherena Vermette

Cookbook by a Woman of Colour:

Our Little Kitchen by Jillian Tamaki

Protagonist Older than 50:

Shadow Life by Hiromi Goto and Ann Xu

A Funny Kind of Paradise by Jo Owens

South American Author in Translation:

Adventures of China Iron by Gabriela Cabezon Camara (translation by Fiona Mackintosh and Iona Macintyre)

Reread a Favourite:

Noopiming by Leanne Betasamosake Simpson

Polar Vortex by Shani Mootoo

The Subtweet by Vivek Shraya

Memoir by an Indigenous Woman:

How to Lose Everything by Christa Couture

In My Own Moccasins by Helen Knott

By a Neurodivergent Author:

Exciting Times by Naoise Dolan

La Difference Invisible par Julie Dachez et Mademoiselle Caroline (English title: Invisible Differences: A Story of Asperger’s, Adulting, and Living a Life in Full Color)

Crime Novel or Thriller in Translation:

Snakes and Earrings by Hitomi Kanehara (translation by David James Karashima)

The Godmother by Hannelore Cayre (translation by Stephanie Smee)

About the Natural World:

Field Study: Meditations on a Year at the Herbarium by Helen Humphreys

Fathoms by Rebecca Giggs

Finding the Mother Tree by Suzanne Simard

Revery: A Year of Bees by Jenna Butler

English Pastoral: An Inheritance by James Rebanks (also titled: Pastoral Song: A Farmer’s Journey)

What Willow Says by Lynn Buckle

Young Adult Novel by a Latinx Author:

Cemetery Boys by Aiden Thomas

Poetry Collection by a Black Woman:

Burning Sugar by Cicely Belle Blain

Book with a Biracial Protagonist:

The Actual Star by Monica Byrne

The Book of Form and Emptiness by Ruth Ozeki

Em by Kim Thuy

A Muslim Middle Grade Novel:

The Girl and the Ghost by Hanna Alkaf

A Queer Love Story:

Heartstopper by Alice Oseman

Plain Bad Heroines by Emily Danforth

About a Woman in Politics:

Indian in the Cabinet by Jody Wilson-Raybould

Can You Hear Me Now? by Celina Ceasar-Chavannes

State of Terror by Hillary Clinton and Louise Penny

Book with a Rural Setting:

The Yield by Tara June Winch

Astra by Cedar Bowers

Book with a Cover Designed by a Woman:

Everything Affects Everyone by Shawna Leman (designer Ellie Hastings)

*Book by an Arab Author in Translation:

*want to read Woman at Point Zero by Nawal Saadawi

Book by a Trans Author:

Detransition Baby by Torrey Peters

A Dream of a Woman by Casey Plett

Fantasy Novel by an Asian Author:

Beneath the Rising by Premee Mohamed

Nonfiction Book About Social Justice:

My Conversations with Canadians by Lee Maracle

Short Story Collection by a Caribbean Author:

These Ghosts Are Family by Maisy Card

Bonus Authors:

Alexis Wright (Carpentaria; The Swan)

Tsitsi Dangarembga (This Mournable Body)

Leila Aboulela (*Minaret; *Elsewhere, Home)

Yoko Ogawa (Revenge; Memory Police; The Housekeeper and the Professor)

*on TBR

You can find Shawn the Book Maniac's channel here.