Thursday, September 17, 2009

Water Baby by Ross Campbell

Brody Arakawa is a Florida surfer girl with plenty of attitude.

When a shark bites off one of her legs, she isn't going to let that slow her down. About a year after the attack, Brody's old boyfriend, Jake, comes around, but Brody says she isn't interested. She announces to her best friend and roommate, Louisa, "I'm totally goin' back to girls." Louisa has heard that before. Even though Brody gives Jake the cold shoulder, she does let him crash at her place for a night. Which turns into days of Jake mooching their food and beer and leaving a mess everywhere. He offers to pay in foot massages. As if it wasn't enough that Brody has to deal with nightmares and physiotherapy and a prosthetic, now she has a deadbeat ex on her hands.

Campbell's black and white ink wash illustrations show an ethnically diverse cast of teens. I liked that the amputee in this story is so feisty and that her main problem is what to do about an ex-boyfriend. In one panel, Louisa is wearing a raunchy pair of short shorts with 'Wet Moon' across the back; a sly reference to other work by this author/illustrator.

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