Friday, September 25, 2009

My Tiki Girl by Jennifer McMahon

Maggie Keller used to be popular. She had the leading role in her Grade 8 school play. She had a mother that her friends loved. One car crash changed everything. Maggie's mother is dead. Her father is emotionally distant. With her scarred leg and severe limp, Maggie feels like Frankenstein girl and no longer connects with her old friends.

In Grade 10, a new girl appears to be the answer to Maggie's search for someone who will understand her. Dahlia Wainright is beautiful, but she doesn't follow fashion rules and she doesn't appear to care one bit what other people think. Maggie is soon enveloped by Dahlia's quirky family. Mother Leah tells stories with dolls, one for each member of the family. Maggie's doll is a sad clown and Maggie's new name is LaSamba. She finds herself on a dangerous path to self-discovery, feeling something more than friendship for Dahlia.

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