Sunday, December 21, 2014

Weasels by Elys Dolan

Sharing picture books with young children is always a pleasure. Certain picture books are also a delight for adults reading solo: Elys Dolan's Weasels is one of them. Her zany satire of work culture is delivered with irresistible charm.

"Weasels. What do you think they do all day? Eat nuts and berries? Frolic in the leaves? Lurk in the dark? Argue with squirrels? Hide in their weasel holes? Well, all of these are wrong. What they really do is..."

"plot world domination!"

Things go wrong (of course) and the plan descends into chaos. Dolan's depictions of personality and social interaction are spot on. Stuff is happening on every part of every page. There's the weasel who is "entirely confident that this huge drill will fix everything." Another is disappointed with his "frothuccino:" "You know, I'm not sure about this. I should have gotten a normal coffee." Two weasels chat in front of "World of Woodcraft" on their computer screen: "I'm a level 72 badger."

As it says on the book's cover: "Megalomania has never been so furry!" As Scott Adams (Dilbert and the Way of the Weasel) says: "All people are idiots. And they are also weasels."

Readers of all ages--and pre-readers too!--will have fun poring over the detailed images.

Explore more of Dolan's artwork on her website here.

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