Wednesday, June 4, 2014

The Gigantic Beard that Was Evil by Stephen Collins

Unruly facial hair disrupts the social order of an island society in The Gigantic Beard that Was Evil. Mild-mannered Dave is at the mercy of his beard when it starts growing without cease, and Dave is then censured by the other people in his regimentally tidy community.

The title and cover illustration of Stephen Collins' large format graphic novel set up this fable very well indeed. Farcical, with dark undertones. Collins uses humour to prod our fear of difference. The story is conveyed mostly via images, rather than words. In this society, the rules are clear. They are to followed, not questioned or discussed.

The Gigantic Beard that Was Evil is a bewitching and unsettling study of modern life.

Cartoonist Stephen Collins has a dead pan and devastating sense of humour.
Readalikes: Goliath (Tom Gauld); The Ticking (Renee French).

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