Sunday, December 22, 2013

William and the Lost Spirit by Gwen de Bonneval and Matthieu Bonhomme

William and the Lost Spirit is a graphic novel with the appeal of Arthurian legends and tales about the Knights Templar. It's an adventure quest set in the late medieval period, blended with mythology and mysticism. Created originally in French by writer Gwen de Bonneval and artist Matthieu Bonhomme, I read the English translation published by Graphic Universe.

William and Helise are grandchildren of the Count de Sonnac. Their father has died and their mother remarried to a man who abuses his feudal power. Meanwhile, Helise is convinced that their father is not dead. William goes in search of the truth, accompanied by a knight, a troubadour and a mysterious goat.  It's a great story that sits comfortably between historical fiction and fantasy. Grade 5 - adult.

Readalikes: Mouse Guard (David Petersen); and Bone (Jeff Smith).

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