Saturday, December 28, 2013

Journey by Aaron Becker

Like Harold-of-the-purple-crayon in Crockett Johnson's classic children's book, in Aaron Becker's wordless picture book Journey, a girl uses her fat red crayon to transport herself to new worlds and to extricate herself from peril. Unlike the starkly simple artwork in Johnson's book, the setting in Journey is finely detailed and rewards careful examination. The everyday world is all in shades of brown, while the imaginary one is lush with colour.

In a clear homage to the earlier book, Becker's girl makes friends with a boy who wields a purple crayon. Their charming magical adventure is a treat for all ages.

Readalikes:  Of course, Harold and the Purple Crayon (Crockett Johnson), and maybe Grandpa Green (Lane Smith), because of the red/green colour scheme as well as the sense of wondrous possibility.

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