Sunday, October 6, 2013

I'll Seize the Day Tomorrow by Jonathan Goldstein

Jonathan Goldstein of CBC's WireTap counts down the weeks in the year leading to his 40th birthday in I'll Seize the Day Tomorrow. He is quirky and flawed and muses upon the existential as well as the mundane.

"I've just finished moving all my stuff into the new apartment, and deciding where to put certain personal effects is proving difficult. Where to place the empty box of Reese's Pieces that contains a doodle I'm rather fond of? In my old apartment, it just sat under the couch."

"In celebration of spring, I've shaved my head again. After work, I meet up with Gregor for a drink.
     'Again with the shaved head,' he cries at the sight of me. 'You used to have funny hair -- hair that a person could laugh at. You might as well kiss your comedy career goodbye.'
     'First of all,' I say, 'I'm not a comedian. I'm a humorist.'
     'What's the difference?'
     'A humorist is a comedian who doesn't necessarily make you laugh.'"

Introspective with more than a touch of the absurd, Goldstein makes me laugh.

Readalikes: Don't Get Too Comfortable (David Rakoff); I Know I Am But What Are You? (Samantha Bee); Funny Misshapen Body (Jeffery Brown); and Canadian Pie (Will Ferguson).

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