Monday, February 7, 2011

Three Little Words by Ashley Rhodes-Courter

Ashley was three years old when she and her younger brother, Luke, were taken away from her teenaged mother. Ashley spent nine years in 14 different foster homes before being adopted at age 12. Many of the placements were overcrowded; 14 children in a home that had been approved for two, for example. In one place, she lived with a convicted pedophile. In another - a mobile home owned by the Moss family - Ashley, Luke and nine other children were sadistically abused.

Ashley's memoir is inspiring because she has been able to overcome the horrors of her past. She began speaking to large audiences about the experiences of foster children from the time she was adopted. She was part of a class-action suit against the Mosses, working to ensure that other children would not suffer as she and Luke did. And she continues to raise awareness about the foster care system in Florida and the USA. Check out her website.

I listened to an audiobook (Blackstone: 8.5 hours) read by the author and highly recommend it. Grade 8 - adult.

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