Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Cats' Night Out by Caroline Stutson and J. Klassen

Kids being put to bed probably already suspected that all the fun happens after dark. This suspicion is confirmed by John Burningham's It's a Secret and Caroline Stutson's Cats' Night Out. Nighttime is party time for hip cats.

Counting by twos in danceable rhyming verse, Cats' Night Out has an irresistible beat. J. Klassen's atmospheric illustrations in greys and browns show pairs of kitties kicking up their heels to a city backdrop. Each boogie, tango, tap dance, twist, fox-trot and polka comes with two more cats and a costume change, but their eyes remain closed in bliss or concentration until people yell from their windows for quiet. The cats' eyes snap open and they make their way home... until the dancing starts again on the following night.

More sophisticated than most counting books, I would give this to city kids in Grade 1 to 3.

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