Thursday, July 1, 2010

Big Big Sky by Kristyn Dunnion

Once in a long long milli somepod writes a kronking book using invented language. It prolly took me 50 pages to decide it was worth the effort to unscramble the words rather than deplug from the story entirely. By then, I was emotionally invested in the pod of female warriors: Shona, Roku, Rustle, Solomon and Loo. As fetid truths are revealed about their alien masters, the ScanMans, the warriors have every reason to be full-on paranoidal. “ScanMans have been using us all – stealing us from our biological nests, deleting our human and ancestral rememories, training and tuning and modifying us into their own perfect, elite bodyguards. Using us up, one generation of brainwashed Warriors at a time.”

Loo and Rustle are romantically involved. Rustle describes their first full fusion nuzzle: “Loo kissed me, blaaty well kissed me through and through, tingled my spinecore, fused my mind, melded it, set my wires aflame.” Precious blocks of tender time are few, however. This tough pod is on the run and fighting to survive. I didn’t leak any eye juice over their dreary woes, but I was dandystill freaking on their adventures and cheering them on. Suckle it up and enjoy. Grade 8 - up

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