Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Out by Sandra Diersch

During the summer before Grade 12 in Maple Ridge, BC, Alex Straker must deal with questions more difficult than any he has faced before. Alex witnesses a church leader in a compromising situation. Then, after Alex's younger brother Mark comes out to him, he doesn't know how to react. At the same time, Alex can't turn to his usual source of solace - the church - because he is undergoing his own crisis of faith.

Teens who enjoy realistic fiction with a steady pace will find this a quick read at only 130 pages.


Sally Sapphire said...

Hmm, sounds interesting. Might be one to pick up.

Lindy said...

Out is part of a high interest/low vocabulary series (SideStreets published by Lorimer) that is aimed at reluctant teen readers. I hadn't read anything by Diersch before and was impressed with her character development over the span of such a short novel. Also, Alex's questions are not fully resolved by the end, which adds to the realism.