Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Mercy Thompson: Homecoming by Patricia Briggs

Mercedes (Mercy) Thompson is a coyote shapeshifter who was raised by a pack of werewolves. Patricia Briggs wrote several novels about her (starting with Moon Called) and then collaborated with some other artistic folk to create a full-colour graphic novel series featuring Mercy. Homecoming is the first of these.

Mercy is a great character. She is strong, self-reliant and a skilled auto mechanic. She is protective towards children and she won't let bullies boss her around. Mercy tangles with a rogue pack of werewolves who have moved into the Tri-Cities area of Washington State. Vampires and various fae are also part of the scene. I look forward to reading more, but it'll have to be in regular print format because there aren't any more comics yet. My niece has left her car at my house while she is working out-of-province and I noticed a bag of Patricia Briggs paperbacks is on the back seat...

NOTE added March 31, 2013: I finally got around to reading Moon Called and reviewed it here.

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