Sunday, June 6, 2010

White Shirt by Laurie MacFayden

Frontenac House received 267 manuscripts in their 2010 call for submissions. Ten books were chosen by blind jury. This was one of them.

It is impossible for me to be objective about my sweetheart's book of poetry, so I'll just paste in some of the judges' comments: "This is the 'classic' hard-drinking, hard-living, gravelly poet's voice -- only it comes from a woman. It's a bust-out-of-closet voice where occasional touchstone rhymes and furious lists score the page. The poems are stripped down, poignant, exact, and as heartily playful as any serious blues. Here is Sappho crossed with the Supremes."

Check it out for yourself in a video clip of Laurie MacFayden reading from White Shirt on blipTV. She's brilliant.

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