Sunday, May 16, 2010

The Reformed Vampire Support Group by Catherine Jinks

Nina Harrison has been 15 years old for decades. She's the youngest member of the Reformed Vampire Support Group that meets on Tuesday nights in St. Agatha's church. Nina, the narrator of the story, writes exciting Zadia Bloodstone romantic suspense vampire novels. She knows real vampires are nothing like Zadia, however. "Vampires are meant to be so glamorous and powerful, but I'm here to inform you that being a vampire is nothing like that. Not one bit. On the contrary, it's like being stuck indoors with the flu watching daytime television, forever and ever." But when a member of their group is turned to ash, something must be done. The vampires are an intriguing and enterprising bunch, despite their weaknesses. Even Nina is surprised at their own courage. And they need plenty of it to face the challenges ahead of them. Darkly funny and genuinely suspenseful. Grade 6 - up.

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