Monday, April 26, 2010

Confessions of an Empty Purse by S. McDonald

Reading Toronto poet S. McDonald's confessions, I was transported. From the opening piece, I could feel myself in the shoes of a teenager aching for role models and giddy with the excitement of spotting real, live "transexuals on parliament." A teenager who longed for a mirror that would reveal a fabulous, glamorous, willowy, female inner self - so different from hir fat, pimply outer self. What is to be done when passing as a woman is not an option, no matter how strong the desire? The inherent tragedy had me weeping through the entire narrative. Yet, there is also campy humour and a great deal of courage. It takes grit to accept that some dreams will never come true.

McDonald will be reading with nine other poets as part of the ten book Dektet launch at 7 p.m. tomorrow, April 27, at the Stanley A. Milner Library in downtown Edmonton. See details of the other works being launched on the Frontenac House website.


s. mcdonald said...

I'm just ... well, I don't know what to say. That was so beautiful, what you wrote about my book. As I said to you when we spoke I wrote the book I wish I had when I was 14 (or 13, or 12, or ...). Again, thanks so much for your kind, kind words. You and Laurie are just the best. Hope you can make it to Toronto this Autumn. Take care, s.

Lindy said...

I hope to hear you again in Toronto. The Dektet reading in Edmonton was fabulous.