Friday, May 22, 2009

Fall by Colin McAdam

I finished reading Fall a few days ago and am still haunted by the story. It is set in an elite Canadian boarding school and centers on the relationships between three students in their final year. Julius, a golden boy, is the son of the American ambassador to Canada. Fallon, one of the few girls at the school, is his beautiful girlfriend. Noel, obsessively attracted to Fallon, is Julius' roommate.

Noel kills Fallon. I'm not giving away much of the plot here because this happens very early in the book. The rest of the story tells of the aftermath as well as what led up to the tragedy. It is brilliantly told in multiple points of view.

Readers intrigued by the actions of sociopaths will especially enjoy this book. I'm not exactly pleased that creepy Noel is now in my head.

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