Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Show & Tell by Dilys Evans

Evans is doing exactly as the subtitle in this book says: Exploring the Fine Art of Children's Book Illustration. She selected 12 illustrators to demonstrate the diversity of styles, techniques and content in the art of the picture book. Half of the artists were familiar names to me (like David Wiesner and Brian Selznick), but then, as soon as I saw the pictures, I recognized the work of the other artists. The Eloise books illustrated by Hilary Knight, for example.

The text reminded me of Sister Wendy's writings about art appreciation. Lots of guidance (pointing out examples of the ways in which a specific artwork leads the eye, creates a mood, pleases the senses, etc.) and lots of passion for her subject.

I have been wanting to learn more about the language for talking about the artwork in graphic novels. This book has much to teach me. I regret that I left it hanging around so long on my to-read pile. With only 3 days to go before leaving on a big trip, I don't have time to do more than a once-through reading. I will definitely borrow this book from the library again, along with many other books referred to within the pages.

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