Tuesday, November 18, 2008

GLBT list for high school

A teacher librarian asked me for suggestions of books with gay/lesbian/bisexual/transgender content suitable for Grades 10 - 12. I’ve indicated Canadian authors with an asterisk.

Martha Brooks* - Mistik Lake
Peter Cameron – Someday This Pain Will Be Useful To You
Stephen Chbosky - The Perks of Being a Wallflower
Kristyn Dunnion* - Mosh Pit
M. Sindy Felin – Touching Snow
Brian Francis* – Fruit
Helen Frost – Keesha’s House
Alma Fullerton* – In the Garage
Brent Hartinger – Geography Club; also the sequel: Order of the Poison Oak (Geography Club is about students setting up a gay/straight alliance club)
Susan Juby* - Another Kind of Cowboy
David Levithan – Boy Meets Boy
Perry Moore – Hero
Julie Anne Peters – Far From Xanadu (anything by Julie Anne Peters is popular)
P.E. Ryan – Saints of Augustine
Alex Sanchez – anything by this author is popular, but best is the series: Rainbow Boys; Rainbow High; Rainbow Road
Shyam Selvadurai* - Swimming in the Monsoon Sea

Two titles that specifically focus on transgender teen experience:
Julie Anne Peters – Luna (transgirl)
Ellen Wittlinger – Parrotfish (transboy)

These are in the Orca Soundings Hi/Lo series for reluctant readers:
Carrie Mac* - Crush
Robin Stevenson* - Big Guy

Excellent graphic novels with gay/lesbian content:
Abby Denson – Tough Love: High School Confidential
Debbie Drechsler – Summer of Love
Mariko Tamaki* - Skim

All of the above titles are included in Edmonton Public Library booklists available online here.

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